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Virginia Tech Aftermath: THE FLOOD
Shake that ass
so I decided to take some time one year later and look through the flood of responses I've received. Many of these I'm actually seeing for the first time, simply because I didn't have the time/desire to read through them. It is phenomenal how many people wrote to me or about me. Of all the things I've received, I've realistically only read a tenth of them. I stopped reading after several thousand emails/facebook messages/lj comments/etc. Maybe one day I'll find the time/courage to read through the rest.

I wanted to specifically thank all those that supported me through this really bizarre period. In particular, my family, my close friends, the 2A community everywhere, and my many lj fans.

Below are selections that stood out to me.

THE GOODCollapse )
THE BAD & THE UGLYCollapse )

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