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DIY Rifle Rack
Shake that ass
Dad & I built a rifle rack during our free time on Thanksgiving. I present you with $30 in wood and nice wood stain:

UMPy no play well with others.

I keep forgetting you bought a case of M44s.

Do you happen to plan on keeping all of those? I need one for a project I plan on doing (an x54r scout rifle) ...

Also, there are plans for multiple types of Mosin racks at:

Yep, that is where I got my inspiration for the design of my rack. It's pretty much a mixup of designs but drawing from the dimensions given in those diagrams.

I tried selling my babies once but everyone jumped up and said I shouldn't be selling them because of their history. Pretty much these are some of the most notorius guns on the internet and they have been featured on every major news media outlet in America. So I guess I'll pass them down to my kids or something. They've got the russian heritage and the geraldo stink all over them!

It looked kinda like an amalgam from the page. :-)

Good point about them being famous, I suppose I never looked at Mosins as being famous unless it was because of the soviets, komrade.

I keep forgetting how funny it was when I saw that they called them assault rifles at first. I literally laughed my balls off and had to retrieve them thereafter.

It's okay though, AIMSurplus is selling M38s for $80 still, I can snatch one there. And they're only an hour from me, or so.

You only live an hour away from AIMsurplus?!?!?! I would totally rape their ammo and other goodies...

Easier said than done. I don't make a BUNCH of money. I make enough to live comfortably with a small monthly gun budget.

haha, I'm just yet a poor college grad struggling to survive to in DC area. the only way i justify it is "what good will XYZ be when the zombies come?"

Same here. Hence my love of the RIA 1911 I'll be picking up, and the AR-15 with a few dozen 30rd mags. ;-)

Own it.

Also own World War Z.

I need to do something similar, except for handguns, and then only when I've got them all out to clean or play with...

One of these days, I'll get into long guns, and then such a gun-rack will be warranted.

I've got a XD45 and a SS 1911 on the way. I was looking at somw nice display boxes at a crafts store or something...

jumping right into the big bore, eh? Well, you've got that Taurus, too. I've got nothing in .45ACP (.40S&W, 9mm, .38SPL/.357Mag, and .22LR only). But I'd probably get a nice 1911A1 and probably a S&W 625 in .45ACP...

I was thinking something a little more utility-oriented, like something to keep the guns off the table while I'm cleaning another one, not for display. Something like this:

But home-made. I could rig up something out of four pieces of wood (or three if I was getting thrifty). Heck, I could should do that, and make it a whole box so that I can put my cleaning supplies inside it, too. Take the cover off the box, right there are my cleaning supplies and a 4-gun rack. Make it fancy with a hinge... Excellent!

not bad..
but how the heck am i gonna mount that onto my pickup.

.. is that snow I see in the background???

good job making me sound dumb, haha. I thought that was a window.. *shuts up* :D

That display is sexy. I would definately always feel safe in that house.

Now I know who to hang with should we be be faced with a zombie infestation...

I can't wait to bayo some zombies!

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