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Virginia Tech Shooting Prompts New Calls for Campus Gun Regulations - Campus Progress
Shake that ass

This article is one of the more disturbing manipulation of facts I have seen lately. Lax gun laws had nothing to do with how Cho bought his guns! It was an issue of missing mental health records during a background check. This issue was immediately fixed in 2007. It has nothing to do with how "lax" our current laws are!

Secondly, how is the "loophole" even relevant. If the gun laws are already "lax" then why do you even need a "loophole"? It is a completely separate issue whose relevance is completely muddled in this article. None of the VT shootings leveraged guns obtained through this "loophole".

Another cheap attempt to sway public opinion by taking advantage of the less informed through the misrepresentation of facts.

"Cho—who was declared dangerous and “mentally ill” by a Virginia Court in 2005—was still able to purchase two guns legally due to Virginia’s “lax gun laws,” according to the New York Times.

An exemption called the “gun show loophole” has made it easier for unqualified people to purchase firearms; estimates indicate as much as 40 percent of firearm sales in American are conducted without a background check. "

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