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Case Number: 11-05079.h1
Shake that ass

Handling Protected Information; Personal Conduct

While on duty conducting threat vulnerability assessments for the United States military in June 2004, Applicant lost a notebook containing sensitive information, which he surmises may have been taken by a Russian woman, with whom he engaged in sexual activities in his hotel room. Applicant did not report the loss of the notebook until after he was administered a polygraph examination in January 2009. His exercise of extremely poor judgment is not fully mitigated despite the passage of time. Clearance denied. CASE NO: 11-05079.h1

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...why are they NOT in jail?... what kind of pansies run the military now? Jaysus.

How hard would it have been to have enough of a brain to wear a suit, have a crew cut and carry fake documents in an intimidating looking brief case which when you open it is filled with all sorts of interesting colored borders and words and surf the bars around the Russian embassy opening it constantly.

How satisfying would it be?

I must try this! It ... would be ... um .. a study...ah a threat vulnerability assessment! Perfect.

Maybe the DIA would fund it! Though I'd probably want to be fully employed as I'd need the health care.

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